Handmade Jewelry / Watch Box -Black floral design on Ivory background

Gifts carry feelings and emotions. They are not merely lifeless objects. It brings cheers and smiles on sad faces. The packaging for such gifts should reflect the same precious feelings.

This beautiful collection of gift boxes embraces the value of the gifts inside.The small box is covered with a colorful cloth which adds vibrancy to the gift inside. The boxes are suitable to hold small gift articles.

Key features:

1. The products is 100% handmade and is made of cloth & paper.
2. Magnetic clasp inside the box to keep the lid softly closed

Approximate Dimension:

Outer: 9.2 inch x 3 inch x 0.5 inch
Inner: 8 Inch x 1.5 inch x 0.25 inch

About the Manufacturer:

Pentagon Crafts is a small scale manufacturing company based in Pink City Jaipur, India. The company nurtures and preserves the traditional handmade crafts of different regions by manufacturing various handmade products like gift boxes, wedding cards, jewelry boxes, sweet boxes, throws, pashmina scarves, etc. Quilts are just one of the numerous handmade creations.


Category: Jewelry / Watch Box

Type: Gift Box