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Handmade Block Printed Cotton Baby Quilt - Tie & Dye
Handmade Block Printed Cotton Baby Quilt - Tie & Dye
Handmade Block Printed Cotton Baby Quilt - Tie & Dye
Handmade Block Printed Cotton Baby Quilt - Tie & Dye

Handmade Block Printed Cotton Baby Quilt - Tie & Dye

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Product Description

Description: Tie & Dye is a traditional craft practiced by the skilled artisans specially in the state of Rajasthan in India.The process of tie & dye typically consists of folding, twisting, pleating, or crumpling of fabric and binding it with string or rubber bands. It is then dyed in different colors. The fabric for this quilt is created in the same fashion. The bright, sunny yellow pattern on one side is complemented beautifully with block prints scattered on the other side.

These soft quilts are:

1. Handmade
2. 100% Cotton. including filling
3. Hand Block Printed
4. Size: 41”x 41” approximately
5. Wash Care: Cold, gentle cycle
6. Reversible

How We Make EACH Quilt:

# The quilt design is hand carved on to a wooden block
# The block design is hand-pressed by each skilled artisan on to the quilt cloth, hence known as Block Printing (as opposed to screen printing, where a machine prints the design on the quilt cloth)
# The cloth is filled with finest cotton and hand stitched
# The quilt is hand-washed, steamed and sun-dried

We hope that you appreciate the skilled work that went into making your quilt

Why Block Printing is Laborious and Expensive:

The art of block printing is native to India & flourished since the 12th century. Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan is one of the famous centers practicing this craft. Block printing is a labor intensive process requiring time, team work & specially skill. Carvers cut designs into blocks of wood or brass. The printers then print the blocks on fabric set on printing table. A single pattern may be printed 4 to 5 times depending on the colors used in the design. Artisans require high degree of accuracy and precision to reveal the intrinsic designs of the blocks. Custom designs and different colors can be used making each block printed product unique. Our quilts are a creation of this traditional craft. The 100% cotton filling inside and fine hand quilting makes the quilt adequately warm and soft.


1. Since these quilts are handmade,you may see some variations in shade, print or quilting. These are characteristics of handmade work and is not to be taken as defects.

2. Actual colors of the quilt may vary slightly due to photography and/or your computer monitor resolution.



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