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Brown Handmade Sarong
Brown Handmade Sarong
Brown Handmade Sarong

Brown Handmade Sarong

$ 19.99

This is an exclusive handmade Sarong that you are looking at. This product is made from 100% delicate cotton

These 100% cotton sarongs are hand block printed making every piece unique. The designer sarongs not only enhances the beauty of your beachwear but the soft fabric also provides you the utmost ease and comfort. Each sarong can be wrapped around the waist to add style and provide protection from direct sun rays. 



Key features:  Handmade & Hand block-printed
Material: 100% cotton
Dimension: 70 inch x 42 inch
Washing Instructions: Machine wash, cold, delicate cycle.

Note: There might be slight color difference due to studio lighting where the product picture was taken.

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