About Us


  • Binoy Luhadiya - COO
  • Alka Luhadiya - CEO & Chief Designer
The royal grandeur of our home state, Rajasthan always fascinated us. The traditional art of hand block printing lured us and we decided to create magic with this ancient art. In 2013, our first hand block printed quilt was created by our team of artisans whom we call as our extended family. Team work, dedication, passion, the pledge to preserve the traditional crafts and the royal grandeur of our rich heritage, all were reflected in this unique creation. So came into existence the name "roysha" which meant "royal" "shaan--- grandeur" of Rajasthan.

The journey of "roysha" began almost two decades ago when we decided to preserve and nurture the traditional crafts by creating products through skilled hands. We began with a team of two artisans who were skilled at making handmade paper products. They created bags, envelopes, boxes, photo-frames, diaries and many more unique products. Motivated with the product finesse and quality we started teaching out to people to exhibit their talent and art through our parent company "Pentagon Crafts". With time our product line as well as team of skilled hands grew and within a span of ten years Pentagon Crafts became known for creating quality handmade products. This encouraged us to explore and experiment with other traditional crafts.

Roysha gave us the opportunity to explore the vivid designs that can be created using wooden blocks. From quilts to other home furnishing products like bed-sheets, throws, baby blankets, sarongs, scarves, etc we created all. In this journey our motto of preserving ancient crafts and providing livelihood to skilled hands remained undeterred. We were focused on supporting as many families of artisans as we can because they had no other means of earning their bread and butter than the art that they inherited from their ancestors. We also trained few unskilled members of their families. With this social responsibility in mind we stretched our borders by engaging few artisans from "Kashmir" popularly known as the crown of India. We got "Pashmina" scarves and stoles made from them which engaged their entire families from women to elderly people holding expertise with this art. Even after two decades we have not set any financial goals for ourselves but just set to expand our ever growing team of skilled artisans from our present number of 25 people.
roysha founder alka luhadiya