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About Us


Our History:

Roysha is a manufacturing unit situated in The Pink City, Jaipur in the heart of Rajasthan, India. It was established almost two decades ago with the conceptualization of preserving and nurturing traditional craft. Our journey began with a small team consisting of few skilled artisans. Their labor, dedication and passion paved our way in manufacturing refined quality products from cardboard and handmade paper. Expanding horizons our team explored and launched new creations incorporating usage of cloth.

Good client support, reviews and recommendations made us proud and our team as one of the best in rendering high quality handcrafted products. Each team member strived in preserving traditional craft by furnishing 100% handmade boxes, cards, bags, office accessories and many more packaging items. We believe that packaging should show the worthiness of the item it encloses. Packaging is good only if it is both functional and beautiful.

Taking a step further with the concept of preserving traditional arts Roysha recently added another feather to the cap by manufacturing Block printed, handcrafted cotton quilts.  

We are equipped with a highly skilled team of artisans who require a high degree of precision, patience and perfection in producing the Block printed quilts.


Each product manufactured at Roysha goes through several quality checks. We feel privilege in serving to clients who desire elegant, exquisite and exclusive creations. We offer a wide range of products and specialize in product customization.


We believe that your needs and our creativity can together build new dimensions.



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