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Our Heroes @ DINESH

Wedding is an occasion for lifetime. Unfolding the precious wedding card reminds one of all the cherished moments and beautiful memories. While creating the wedding card our team also understands the importance and warmth of the occasion. So they try to deliver nothing but the best for you. Dinesh hails from a far off village where marriages are restricted to a small family affair but specializes in the skill of creating handmade wedding cards for our esteemed clients. Though he did not get the privilege to witness splendid weddings but creating wedding cards by his skilled hands makes him a part of this special occasion. From cutting the raw material for the cards with precise measurements to creasing, pasting and...

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Our Heroes @ MUKESH

Born in a poor family was not his only misfortune. Crippled with one leg, illiterate and nowhere to go he approached us around 5 years back. He is Mukesh, an important skilled worker of our team. We realized his difficulties and asked if he was ready to work hard with honesty and dedication. The glitter in his eyes gave us the answer. In less than 6 months he learnt the art of making handmade boxes with utmost finesse and perfection. The handmade boxes created are of various shapes, sizes using variety of paper and cloth. Each box is customized to suit the requirements of the client, to match the theme and to reflect the specialty of the occasion. Mukesh not...

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Our Heroes @ AABID

He lives with his ten family members in the beautiful Kashmir valley in India. At 33, he shoulders the responsibility of his family comprising of his younger siblings, parents, wife and children. Not much privileged to get formal education, he learnt little bit to read and write through his worldly experiences. But his determination to educate his younger siblings and children is impeccable. He is “Aabid”, our Hero who between all odds is aware about his inherited artistic skills. Generations in their family have specialized in making “Pashmina” which is also the main source of their livelihood. “Pashmina” scarves, stoles, shawls, wraps, throws and other similar products are created by this family of fine and skilled artisans. Aabid and the...

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The Miraculous Hands of Handmade products

Magnificent monuments to powerful machines; Enormous, massive bridges linking raging streams; Tall, colossal buildings to superfine architecture; Or fascinating creations like the Mother Nature. Mesmerizing paintings to stunning sculptors; Arts of various regions or of different cultures; Delightful delicacies to luscious treats; Or fighting diseases to breath taking feats. He may be an Engineer, surgeon or an artisan; Or a soldier securing borders with his gun; All create wonders which none can withstand; Yes, they are nothing but the miraculous hands. We respect the talent of such skilled hands; Varied art forms of distant lands; All is good when we think of trade, But what remains unmatched is the HANDMADE.            

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Why buy HANDMADE products?

He may not be much educated but his hands can create miracles. She is old and lives in a far away village but her art has been admired throughout the world. They may not know the technology behind big machines but they know to carve magic by hands. They may not be working with big labels but each of their creation is unique and exclusive in its own. Yes, a simple reason to promote Handmade and preserve and nurture the traditional skills and art of different regions. Every Handmade product is distinctive and reflects the talent of the artisans. Each product can be customized for a specific person and reason. Such products are designed with special care, love and thought....

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