Royal Red

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Royal Red

Rajputana- "The Land of Rajputs" today majorly forms the state of Rajasthan in India. "Rajput" is a clan of warriors whose courage and bravery are unmatched. The stories of valour and courage of "Rajput" rulers can be heard throughout the state of Rajasthan. The colour "Red" is well associated with them as it is the colour of blood which they never hesitated to shed for the pride and dignity of their motherland.

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan was also founded by the Rajput king, Sawai Jai Singh. The history of this Red colour is not only associated with the courage and bravery of "Rajputs of Rajputana" but it also signifies all auspicious occasions. From historical times to date women usually prefer wearing Red colour attire on any auspicious event. They make beautiful designs with 'heena' or 'mehandi' on their hands which is Red in colour. The Rajput brides can be seen wrapped in traditional Red dresses. So "Red" has become a symbol of pride, glory and happiness too. Even most of the married Indian women put a pinch of Red 'sindoor'-- a red colour powder in the parting of their hair. They also put Red 'bindi' on their forehead which signifies their marital status.

Roysha depicts the 'royal' 'shaan' of Rajasthan and so the colour Red holds great importance for us. We not only signify the royal cultural heritage of the Rajputana region through this colour but also symbolise the joy, pride and happiness associated with it which we feel in creating every product.

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