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Almost two decades ago we initiated a small step to preserve the traditional art and craft by means of creating handmade products. Thus was born “Pentagon Crafts”, a small manufacturing unit situated in the heritage city, Jaipur in India. 

The journey began with a handful of skilled artisans creating bags, envelopes, folders and boxes in cardboard and paper. As they say, quality speaks for itself and high demand from our customers inspired us to experiment with different materials and we found profound success using cloth of varying textures.

Soon “Pentagon Crafts” was known for producing quality handmade products in both paper & cloth.

But our quest for exploring other traditional crafts of the region pulled us to experiment with other hand skills like block printing, quilting, kantha work, pashmina weaving and more. Expansion in our product line pushed us to create a label which we believe should reflect the place from where we originated. As our range of products are bound to increase with time and our desire to promote varying types of handmade skills will continue, our roots to where we belong will never change.

So was born “ROYSHA”.

ROY” represents the ‘royal’ heritage that we have derived from our home state, Rajasthan, a state in India which is known across the world for its grandeur and royal heritage and culture. Many traditional crafts flourished in Rajasthan due to its royal patronage.

SHA” derived from the Hindi language word ‘Shaan’ which means ‘proud’, as we will always be ‘proud’ of our ancient heritage and culture. Thus ‘ROYSHA’, our new identity will always remind us of our origin and passion.

 At ‘ROYSHA’ you will find a much bigger and diversified product range including handmade gift boxes, cards, envelopes, packaging boxes, block printed quilts, Kantha stitched throws, cashmere scarves, baby quilts & blankets, crib sheets, bed sheets, curtains and more...

Team at ‘ROYSHA’ is determined to deliver the best, and always maintaining highest standards of quality. We will continue our journey to explore, experiment and execute to deliver nothing but the best. We hope that the love and patronage given by our esteemed clients will continue forever and ‘ROYSHA’ will truly become an exemplary name in the time to come. 


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