Jaipur: The Royal City

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Roysha jaipur Jal Mahal Rajeev Ashokan

Jaipur: Cultural Hub of India

Roysha Jaipur Amer Fort Rajeev Ashokan

Jaipur is named as the royal pink city which reflects its richness in culture, art, cuisine, and architecture. It is a popular destination for travelers and is often featured on travel blogs due to its fascinating history and impressive landmarks. Jaipur was the first planned city founded by Jai Singh II and designed by Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, showcasing magnificent architecture along with ageless traditions.

Heritage places in Jaipur

The huge fortresses such as the Jal Mahal, Amber Fort, and Hawa Mahal are worth visiting. Its cultural heritage gets reflected in the art, music and architecture. Jantar Mantar of Jaipur is the biggest among five similar observatories and indeed an architectural spectacle in India.


Roysha Jaipur Hawa Mahal

Traditional Block Printing in Jaipur

The traditional block printing on fabric and paper by using natural colors and dyes has its roots developed in this city. Carving of beautiful designs on chunks of wood artistically is the theme line behind wood block printing. It is 500 years old and has enjoyed the fruits of royal patronage. Chippa community of the artisans of India are famous for practicing hand block printing through centuries, passing the expertise and knowledge from one generation to another.

Roysha Hand Block Printing


Roysha Artisans Hand Block Printing

The traditional printing forms of this art passed over generations include Sanganeri printing, Bagru printing, Dabu and Kalamkari block printing. Bagru and Sanganer in Rajasthan are the cultural hubs of Hand Block printing in India. There are a variety of handmade articles using block printing such as Block printed Quilts, Gift Boxes, Scarves, Bed Sheets, etc.

Roysha hand block printing
Different areas of Rajasthan have cultural, historical and geographical impact on the art of hand block printing. This marks for variations in designs and existence of distinctive style. Sanganer near Jaipur is hub of hand block printing and it remains in limelight as it is closer to the capital city of Jaipur.

With the advent of factory stitched clothing, the traditional art of handmade clothing is dying. But the local artisans of Jaipur have maintained and revived the beautiful block printing art. Though it's laborious, but it has its own charm. It can’t be compared with machine made fabrics.

Roysha Hand block printing patchwork quilt

Along with the normal prints and designs, the traditional themes include designs of beautiful flowers, various motifs, Mughal inspired designs like elephants, booti work, luxuriant flowers, Mughal boots etc. which are widely popular even now. These wonderful art pieces are the result of a local artisan’s hard work, perseverance and vigor to keep their tradition alive.


Handicraft Items in Jaipur

The markets of Jaipur have numerous handicraft items and handmade clothes. It is best known for its sculptures, jewelry boxes, meenakari, silver and kundan jewelry.  Miniature paintings, blue pottery and woodwork are worth mentioning. Traditional clothes of block printing, zardozi, zari and bandhni would undoubtedly catch your eye.

Roysha Handmade gift jewelry boxes

The diversity of craftsmanship of indigenous tribes and cultural influence from outside has made India to come up with the most magnificent art forms which can never be thought of. Block printing originated in India years back and still holds its roots in this mechanized world. In fact, it is giving tough competition to fabrics being made by machines.

Famous Things in Jaipur

The people of this lively town are friendly and down to earth. Their colorful outfits and unique jewelry showcase their nature and deep belief in traditions. It is famous for its folk songs and dances such as Ghoomar. The Jaipur Gharana is widely popular for performing Kathak arts. The city regains its colors and becomes livelier during celebration of fairs and festivals.
Local delicacies of Jaipur find no match. The pink city presents you cuisines like dal baati churma, ghevar, gajak etc.

This vibrant city has been attracting travelers from around the world who love to explore its culture and traditions. If you're planning to visit Jaipur and want to experience its colorful festivals, food and music, then a guest post on a travel blog would be a great way to share your experience with others.

Roysha Jaipur hawa mahal rajeev ashokan

Technological know-how, corruption, anti-policies, cheaper machine products and higher income are posing serious problems to the traditional markets. Our craftsman truly deserves every penny of hard work and efforts they put in their designs. Indian handicrafts are finding their place in international markets and Jaipur has the greatest share in it.

The culture of Jaipur gives glimpses of Rajasthan and also showcases true colors of Indian culture.

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