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Designs that inspire me

Designs have always lured me. Born in a country with rich traditional heritage, art and craft appeared to flourish in every nook and corner. The Indian history is marked by various kings who not only brought different cultures with them but patronize the artisans and their talent. From the terracotta figurines of the Indus Valley Civilization to the black polished pottery of the Mauryan period; from the intricate Mughal paintings to the carved stone sculptures of the Gupta period; each empire left their unique art in the Indian subcontinent which was passed on to the generations.

Growing up in the modern era, I was fascinated by the various art forms. Moreover, my home town Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan state was flooded with stunning handicraft creations. My passion for the various handmade arts grew manifold allowing me to design, create and cherish them.

The textile industry of Rajasthan has attracted many, I being just one out of them. The colours, the brightness, the grace, the texture, the softness and most importantly the vivid designs of the various textiles are a treat for eyes and passion for heart. The Block Printing, Tie and Dye, Batik, Rajasthani Mandanas, appliqué work, different embroideries and many more handmade arts reflect the versatility of skilled hands.  

While exploring varied handmade arts, were born our handmade quilts. The block printed quilts not only allowed me to experiment with the traditional designs, modern patterns, different hues of colours but they also elevated my creative thirst. I was amazed by the skills of the artisans, their hard work, precision and perfection. As I spent more time with the artisans, I loved the art more. It not only provided me the freedom to customize designs but also showed me the way to support artisans by earning them their livelihood. When the path is correct and the goals are clear, it is said there is no looking back. Today, I feel proud of my small team of skilled workers and it is with their support that we were able to introduce many more new products like throws, scarves, baby quilts, receiving blankets, etc.

For me, every handmade product you possess is unique made especially for you. It comes with a blend of skill and feelings. Cherish them as I always do.



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