The Miraculous Hands of Handmade products

November 23, 2015 0 Comments

Magnificent monuments to powerful machines;
Enormous, massive bridges linking raging streams;
Tall, colossal buildings to superfine architecture;
Or fascinating creations like the Mother Nature.
Mesmerizing paintings to stunning sculptors;
Arts of various regions or of different cultures;
Delightful delicacies to luscious treats;
Or fighting diseases to breath taking feats.
He may be an Engineer, surgeon or an artisan;
Or a soldier securing borders with his gun;
All create wonders which none can withstand;
Yes, they are nothing but the miraculous hands.
We respect the talent of such skilled hands;
Varied art forms of distant lands;
All is good when we think of trade,
But what remains unmatched is the HANDMADE.







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