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Pentagon conceived from “The Panch Tattva”

“Panch Tattva” derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “the five truths” referring to the five elements of Nature. According to Indian mythology there are five elements from which life evolves. They are “Prithvi”, the Earth; “Apas”, the Water; “Tejas”, the Fire or Light; “Maruta”, the Wind and “Aakash”, the Sky. The whole universe is made up of these five elements and so also our bodies. The five sense organs identifying sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste are a part of the “Panch Tattva”. Every individual lives in harmony and balance with these five elements.

Inspired by the Indian mythology and the philosophy of “Panch Tattva”, the name “Pentagon” came into being. Deriving the oneness from “Prithivi”, our Mother Earth we believe that the World is one. Cultures, languages, boundaries and religions are just reflecting diversity. So “Pentagon” is determined to show its presence in every corner of the world exploring the various arts and tastes of people.

“Apas”, the Water flowing silently and calmly through the mountains, paving its way to give life to every living being. The cool streams help nature to flourish and prosper.  Similarly, we at “Pentagon” work quietly facing all odds and obstructions to achieve and reach our motto of giving the due to the talented and skilled people thereby strengthening economy and enhancing the standard of living of many.

“Fire” refers to the energy and passion to create, to learn, to grow and to leave a mark in this world. The Light which the Fire spread brightens the pathway of many. May we spread and illuminate the same light turning lives of many by bringing smiles on their faces and hopes in their hearts.

The fourth important element of Nature is “Maruta”, the Wind which signifies Life which is constantly flowing but is not visible. “Pentagon” believes that good work and quality speaks for itself and does not need any words. To create quality should be a habit and like the wind we should constantly and continuously flow evolving and upgrading in the journey.

“Aakash”, the Sky  is studded with millions of twinkling stars covering the entire Universe. Presence of Sky is a symbol of vastness, a shelter for all. The rays and light emitted are the rays of hope. “Pentagon” is determined to shine in the sky of glittering stars.

“Pentagon” is created and inspired by Nature and its immense powers. Join hands to value and Save our Mother Earth. Go Green and Love Handmade.





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