A big THANK YOU to our Customers!

May 30, 2016 0 Comments

David from Texas, Donna from Washington,

Jessica from California, Catherine from Sweden,

Hetty from London, Mirjam from Netherland,

Christine from New York and Emmy from Maryland,

We just want to thank you;

For putting smiles on faces of many,

Who created handmade to earn their penny.

Alice from Alaska, Sanraj from Canada,

Hoffman from Arizona, Saskia from Austria,

Michelle from Ohio, Margaret from Georgia,

Sarah from Australia and Holly from Virginia,

We just want to thank you;

For cherishing and buying our handmade,

Appreciating the skilled hands in this trade.

Kayla from Iowa, Erika from New Jersey,

Carey from Tennessee, Amatria from Spain,

Augustus from Chicago, Natasha from Alabama,

Naeem from Hong Kong and Kelly from Florida,

We just want to thank you;

For admiring and nurturing the traditional craft,

People like you enable us to preserve such arts.

May be we missed many names,

The people mentioned are just a few,

But what we want to say to all,

Is a small Thank You.


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