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Our Heroes @ MUKESH

Born in a poor family was not his only misfortune. Crippled with one leg, illiterate and nowhere to go he approached us around 5 years back. He is Mukesh, an important skilled worker of our team. We realized his difficulties and asked if he was ready to work hard with honesty and dedication. The glitter in his eyes gave us the answer. In less than 6 months he learnt the art of making handmade boxes with utmost finesse and perfection. The handmade boxes created are of various shapes, sizes using variety of paper and cloth. Each box is customized to suit the requirements of the client, to match the theme and to reflect the specialty of the occasion. Mukesh not only works hard to create every piece according to the requirements but his hands give a ‘midas touch’ to every creation. Today we are proud to say that he may use crutches to walk but he is capable enough to support his family. His journey with Pentagon Crafts has not only made him an independent, confident, skilled artisan but it has given us another team member with miraculous hands.


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