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March 11, 2016 0 Comments

He lives with his ten family members in the beautiful Kashmir valley in India. At 33, he shoulders the responsibility of his family comprising of his younger siblings, parents, wife and children. Not much privileged to get formal education, he learnt little bit to read and write through his worldly experiences. But his determination to educate his younger siblings and children is impeccable. He is “Aabid”, our Hero who between all odds is aware about his inherited artistic skills. Generations in their family have specialized in making “Pashmina” which is also the main source of their livelihood. “Pashmina” scarves, stoles, shawls, wraps, throws and other similar products are created by this family of fine and skilled artisans.

Aabid and the other male members of his family climb up the mountains to reach the ‘Ladakh’ region to collect the finest type of ‘Cashmere wool’ which is obtained from the “Pashmina” goats. The wool obtained is far too delicate for mechanical spinning and weaving processes and so it is carefully hand spun by the women of his family who are highly skilled in this task.  This finely woven Pashmina may then be dyed, hand block printed or hand embroidered before the final washing and pressing.

In this journey of sustaining livelihood through traditional arts, Pentagon Crafts salute Aabid and his family. We are determined to support them and connect them to the outer world directly. So products are procured from them to reach directly in the hands of the customers all across the world. We believe that every “Pashmina” reflects the hard work and talent of so many hands. With every sale we not only thank artisans like Aabid but also respect their skill.

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