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Place: Changthang plateau Location: Cold desert of Ladakh in India Height: 14,600 meters above sea level Climate: Harsh and unpredictable  Inhabitants: Changpa nomads Main Occupation: Animal Husbandry Speciality:  Producing ‘Pashmina’, fine Cashmere wool The Changthang region in the Indian Trans-Himalayan area of Ladakh represents the western extension of the Tibetan Plateau, an important highland grazing system. It is a cold desert, one of India’s five listed ‘bio-diversity’ regions, with a short summer and Arctic like winter, of sparse vegetation with a unique biotope. Animal husbandry is a way of life, and the Changpas whole existence revolves around the migration of their flocks in search of pastures. Nomads raise mixed herds of sheep and goats for animals and animal products, and...

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Designs that inspire me

Designs have always lured me. Born in a country with rich traditional heritage, art and craft appeared to flourish in every nook and corner. The Indian history is marked by various kings who not only brought different cultures with them but patronize the artisans and their talent. From the terracotta figurines of the Indus Valley Civilization to the black polished pottery of the Mauryan period; from the intricate Mughal paintings to the carved stone sculptures of the Gupta period; each empire left their unique art in the Indian subcontinent which was passed on to the generations. Growing up in the modern era, I was fascinated by the various art forms. Moreover, my home town Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan...

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Pentagon conceived from “The Panch Tattva”

“Panch Tattva” derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “the five truths” referring to the five elements of Nature. According to Indian mythology there are five elements from which life evolves. They are “Prithvi”, the Earth; “Apas”, the Water; “Tejas”, the Fire or Light; “Maruta”, the Wind and “Aakash”, the Sky. The whole universe is made up of these five elements and so also our bodies. The five sense organs identifying sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste are a part of the “Panch Tattva”. Every individual lives in harmony and balance with these five elements. Inspired by the Indian mythology and the philosophy of “Panch Tattva”, the name “Pentagon” came into being. Deriving the oneness from “Prithivi”, our Mother Earth we...

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A big THANK YOU to our Customers!

David from Texas, Donna from Washington, Jessica from California, Catherine from Sweden, Hetty from London, Mirjam from Netherland, Christine from New York and Emmy from Maryland, We just want to thank you; For putting smiles on faces of many, Who created handmade to earn their penny. Alice from Alaska, Sanraj from Canada, Hoffman from Arizona, Saskia from Austria, Michelle from Ohio, Margaret from Georgia, Sarah from Australia and Holly from Virginia, We just want to thank you; For cherishing and buying our handmade, Appreciating the skilled hands in this trade. Kayla from Iowa, Erika from New Jersey, Carey from Tennessee, Amatria from Spain, Augustus from Chicago, Natasha from Alabama, Naeem from Hong Kong and Kelly from Florida, We just want...

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